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With only 39 kennels, individual attention is guaranteed. The kennels are situated around the house, so the dogs have close contact with people throughout the day. The kennels are in seven blocks, each leading out into a grassy, fenced area where the dogs have frequent time out to play, or lie in the shade of the trees. The front block of 7 kennels are roomy and can take large dogs or family groups, with good sized covered concrete runs attached. The back block are wooden, raised kennels and runs, with an all weather pebble run attached to a grass run. There are two puppy/small dog blocks - one with 2 kennels, one with 3 kennels with their own grass run. The paddock blocks have individual kennels in each, with a very large running area. The large dog block is suitable for multiply large dog families, each unit can easily hold 3 large dogs with roomy kennel and runs, which are fully covered and dry in all weathers. It leads out to a paddock grass run area.

There is also a fully insulated garage equipped with inside pens for those cold nights for dogs used to sleeping indoors.

Because of the small size of my kennels, and the close proximity to the house there is no excessive noise. This means the dogs can relax without the stress of other dogs barking that frequently occurs in large kennels, where large numbers of dogs are difficult to control. Individual attention is guaranteed, and any special diets, medication, or other specific needs can be met. With also running a grooming business, for an addition fee, your pet can be bathed, clipped or just have his nails cut whilst in residence. Arrival and departure times are flexible, but you will be asked to state your expected drop off and collection time, and to please adhere to the time you have indicated.

Fees: Toy dogs $18 per day, Medium-large dogs $20 per day, Giant breeds $22 per day, Part day charge $10-$11, plus $2 a day surcharge for entire males or bitches in season. Over the main Christmas period (20 December - 10 January) there is an increased charge of $2 per dog per day

A 'day' runs from the first day your dog is left (be it morning or evening) until 10am the following day. Dogs collected during the morning opening hours (8am – 10am) will not be charged for that day.  Dogs collected in the afternoon opening hours (4pm – 5.30pm) will be charged a half day charge of $8-$10. Any dogs collected – by arrangement only - after 5.30 will be charged for a full day.

Opening Hours:
8am – 10am, 4pm – 5.30pm.  Arrangements must be made for collection or drop off outside these hours. 

Please use this Booking Form for 20 December 2018 - 10 January 2019

Please use this Booking Form for other dates from 10 January 2019


Extract from Assure Quality Audit Report December 2011

Monitoring of Establishment and Environment for Dogs
Owners live on site and I am impressed with the environment being well sheltered with very clean and adequate size kennels for the different breeds boarded and runs and larger runs for exercise with 2 metre high fences. Very secure. Adequate water available and shelter from strong sunlight.
Sleeping accommodation is very adequate and well built and maintained. Obviously warm in the winter with adequate bedding.
Premises very clean and tidy and strict hygiene obviously followed.